Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Family.

Here is a fun family project for you! About four years ago, I sat my family down and handed out paper and pencils and had everyone draw a "self portrait" of themselves. Those portraits were proudly framed and hang in our hallway. We (and everyone who visits) have enjoyed them the past few years (they are GREAT conversation pieces!), but I noticed that they had gotten quite outdated as the kids have gotten much older and may see themselves a little differently. So, we decided to update our own portraits. This time they got a wood panel and a sharpie marker and then I followed up with my craft paint. The main thing I stress during this activity is "DON'T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY!" Because lets face it. Some people in this house are artists.....and some are CPA's. And that's great! So without further ado....let me introduce you to my family.....You probably all recognize this lady. She's me. And this artist's rendering is true to life. I love the color green and love things that have wings. Enough about me. Moving right along.....

This is my handsome husband. He's a CPA. He rocks the tie most days. He's "all business" during the day, but we all know he has a wicked devilish sense of humor. He's my complete opposite and the complete love of my life. God knew what he was doing when he put Joe and Laura together.

This is my oldest son, Jackson. He's 15. He's super smart. Like crazy wicked smart. He has long surpassed me in smartness. If you're playing board games you should try and get on his team. He plays the drums and loves his Mt. Dew. He's a respectful guy and is just all around cool. He makes me really proud.

This is my middle son, Noah. He is 10. He is the king of one-liners. He makes me laugh every single day. His life is complete, now that the Patriots are going to the SuperBowl. He is going to play baseball for the Chicago Cubs when he grows up and said he is going to fly his Mom to all his games. He is a mini-Joe in almost every way, so I know he is going to turn into an amazing man someday.
This is Lily Margaret. She is 6 and is precious. She is girly in this house full of boys. She likes to color and she likes to shop. She is shy but will attack and try to take down her brothers if the need arises. She is creative and has a wonderful imagination. She wants to be a Mom when she grows up.

...and this is the "beloved" family dog, Cookie. She is 6 years old and I'm just now starting to like her. She's growing on me. At least she's not one of those poo-eaters.

There you have it, everything you wanted to know and more about our family. I encourage you to try this with your family. It will be fun! And don't have to be an artist.....just have fun and laugh at yourself!

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  1. I am laughing and crying at the same time. Wonderful! -MOM

  2. Wow what a talented family, mostly impressed by how the dog painted such a great self portrait, not sure my pet ducks have that skill! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

  3. i don't even know you but love your family! great idea and great family!

  4. Fabulous self portraits and quite a talented family you have! Your last one with the dog made me laugh. I totally get that you are now just starting to like your dog. I have a one year old puppy that I am just starting to look at without regret in my eyes. Sadly, he IS one of the poo eaters!

    I think I might try this with my family! Thanks for the great post!