Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TWW Holiday Open House 2012

Our holiday open house was a big success, but man is it a lot of work!

The prep started last Wednesday night when Laura and her family moved all of their living room furniture to their garage.

During the day on Thursday we put up all of the Things With Wings artwork.  Each piece was one of a kind! 

Thursday afternoon and evening our friends came to set up their areas.

We were all set up by Friday, mid-day!!!

 Mamma Winger had 2 alphabets- both SOLD right away!
a SPECIAL special order that was picked up over the weekend.

scrapwood houses come in all shapes and sizes!

Green Girl's family chalkboard
Adding Friday night hours to our open house this year was a very good idea.  Our busiest times of the weekend were the first 2 hours Friday afternoon!  Guess everyone wanted first picks!  We'll for sure try to do Friday hours again next year.

Mamma Winger attached her ornaments to fabric this year to make garlands.  All sold!

 Green Girl's family is always happy to have their house back to normal by Saturday night!  We're so grateful that they're so willing to give up their living space for a few days, help set up and put away AND disappear during show hours!  That's asking a lot of them!  So special thanks to all of Green Girl's family!


  1. It all looks wonderful to me, so keep doing what you are doing! I bet you were glad to sit down by the end of it!

  2. Such beautiful, wonderful color!! Love it all. :-)

  3. Neat family, cool art. I love the pictures of your open house. Come by my blog if you have the time. I just posted about a vintage garland tutorial and giveaway. If you do come by scroll down a few posts and see my open house in October. Thanks, Cindy