Friday, December 30, 2011

Gifts with wings

Momma Winger reporting in! ok, I know, I know. . . I can't take photographs worth a crap.....we all know that, right? So bear with us on this one. I just had to show off the Things with Wings gifts I got for Christmas. The multi-colored "Make Today Count" sign with the handy dandy purple hook on it was made by Jill. Is it cute or what? I need to hang it in just the right spot where I will be sure to gaze upon it every morning and contemplate what extraordinary thing I could do that day. . . . hmmmmmm. . . . for sure! But I love it - the wonderful colors - and the depth of thought that 3 small words can convey. The other piece was made by Laura. The letter "B"(for Berends) in this painted frame which is a piece of art in and of itself. So cute. The "B" is wrapped in yarn. I love that soft and hard are combined and complement each other. It's hanging in my dining area right beside my Christine Mason Miller "Be an Artist" piece by DEMDACO. OH! back to Laura - Green Girl - she does wonderful things in ALL colors! I also got another very special gift from daughter #3! Gonna save that for another post. In the meantime I hope you can imagine how great these pieces are in real life in spite of my lack of talent in the photo department!

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