Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last 3 Open House Giveaways are from Us!

We can't believe that the Things With Wings holiday open house is almost here!  We have 3 more giveaways to announce at the end of this post, and they're all from us!  I don't think introductions are necessary...You've met us before.  And you probably already know more about us than you ever wanted to. :-)

But first, here are a few details about our open house Friday and Saturday:
-TWW will be selling all kinds of original, one of a kind, handmade pieces.  NO one else in the whole, wide world will have another one like it!  As much as we love it, will not be selling any of the pieces from "This Thing Called Family" but we can tell you all about how and where to find them! 
-We wanted YOU to have the first look at the new 2012 pieces for "This Thing Called Family" because we love you so much!  We will have a small display set up for you to get a peek at these items that are not available yet to the public!

-NEW this year, with the acquisition of a Square device for our smart phones, we will be accepting credit cards!  Checks and cash still work too! :-) 
-As much as we LOVE your children, it's going to be very crowded - we are expecting our biggest turnout ever!  They would have a ton more fun at home than at our ol' open house!
-We won't be available during the day tomorrow (Friday) because we have some visitors coming from Demdaco that we will be meeting with!  Very excited to have them come!
 - Don't forget to sign up for the open house giveaways by putting your name in the bowl at the giveaway table!  Our friends have been very generous this year - go back through the last few posts to see what all you could win!

And now on to the last 3 open house giveaways!

Mamma Winger Connie is giving away this Love plaque with a handy hook.  Hang your necklaces on it, or whatever you want!

Green Girl Laura is giving away this sunshiny owl - doesn't he just look like he has a sunshiny disposition?!

And me - Jill - I'm giving away this Welcome sign.  Hang it on your front door or in your entryway for a colorful and cheerful way to greet visitors!

We hope you are as excited as we are and that you can sleep tonight.  ;-)  Let's all try to get a good nights sleep so we'll be ready for each other! 

We can't wait to see you Friday and Saturday!

Friday Dec 2, 4pm-8pm
Saturday Dec 3, 10am-5pm

More details here!


  1. Could I buy a sign like the "Welcome" sign?

  2. I'll probably still have some left after our open house this weekend! email me next week at and I'll let you know which colors I've still got. (i did a number of these, in several different colors!)

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