Monday, May 23, 2011

Valley Junction Spring Art Market 2011

Here are some pics we took of yesterday's art market in Des Moines.  The wind gusts were challenging, but it never rained!   We had a great turnout!  Lots of supportive loyal customers, lots of new faces, and we got to meet Alisa, the DEMDACO sales rep for the DM area.  (She, along with other Iowa reps, are  helping us line up some signing events for later this year!)

We decided to make a new "Things With Wings" sign to reflect our new adventure over the last year:

One retailer who has a shop in Jefferson, Iowa called Country Blessings, stopped in our booth because she was worried that we were trying to copy the new line she was excited to pick up this year for her store called "This Thing Called Family."  :-)  When she saw our sign, she put it all together!   She said how funny it was that she had gone all the way to the Atlanta gift market to find Iowa artists!

We were surprised by how many people recognized our Demdaco line, and/or had seen our article in the Des Moines Register.  Several commented how different and colorful our originals are than "This Thing Called Family."  (And I'm SURE it was a compliment!)  We are always coming up with new stuff and our work continues to evolve.  So just WAIT until you all see what we've got up our sleeves for 2012 with DEMDACO!!!  We are so. excited.  It just keeps getting better and better and reflects even more of our artistic personalities!   That's all we can really say about that right now!

Now it's time for us to regroup and keep plugging away to prepare for the Iowa Arts Festival, taking place in downtown Iowa City, June 4-5.  That's just 2 weeks away!  Yikes!


  1. Gorgeous photos, very inspiring!

  2. Must feel so great to see all this art together as they looks lovely!