Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is not Making Anyone Happy Right Now.

Many of you already know that blogger has been out for at least 24 hrs now.  Even though blogger is back up for us, there are still things missing.  I know a TON (30+) of entries for our giveaway are gone.  HOPEFULLY this is temporary.  :-(  Blogger says they are still working on restoring posts.  If you've already entered our latest giveaway but your comment is missing, PLEASE do NOT comment again!  Let's give it some more time and wait and see if everything is restored. We aren't picking any winners yet.  Hopefully we won't have to scrap the whole giveaway and start over.  sigh.  
 This link has more info on what happened, and why some things are still missing.  Hopefully all comments will be back in the coming hours!
thanks for your patience in the meantime!


  1. Hi Jill,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and a commenting. I so appreciated that you took the time to tell me where you had found me (with link) as it's always nice to know when people have mentioned you and your work.

    I know your work from Demdaco. I've been working with them myself trying to get an S. Black line in the hopper - fingers crossed, toes & paws all crossed here.

    Love inspirational typographic work and your collection is fabulous. Lots o'love from Nova Scotia & thanks again! xoxo Susan & les Gang

  2. ps And a big thanks for the mention on facebook ! Merci !! I love also when artist support other artists ;-)