Friday, April 29, 2011

Owl Doorstop WINNER + an EXTRA prize!

 It's time to announce a winner for our owl doorstop!   This was a challenge to tally!  A few of you were having trouble commenting and got an error.  So I added your facebook entries to the end of the line.  We also made sure to be accurate with everyone just getting one entry, since there were a few accidental 2nd entries by people.  Just want to make sure everyone knows that this was done as fairly and accurately as we know how! 

So with out further ado....The random number generator picked number 31!

So the winner of the owl doorstop is Mod Podge Amy!!!!  Congrats Amy!  Amy is going to name her new doorstop Hubbard!!!  Congrats to Hubbard.  We will miss you - may Amy's 3 dogs be kind to you!

And since you facebooked about our giveaway Amy, you also get this little handmade owl plaque thrown in too!!!

ALSO we were SO overwhelmed with your enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and humorous owl names, so we decided to pick a special EXTRA gift for the owl name that we liked best.  It was HARD to choose - there were so many good ones!  In the short list were Pudge McHooterson, Whodat, Punkie Doodles, and Owlove. 

But, we finally decided on......
"Holdadora" by Karina as our winner!  Here's exactly what Karina said,
"He's really cute :) The most brilliant name I think would be " Holdadora" cos that what he does :) You could call it Dora for short:) Think Im tired :)"
Karina, sometimes brilliant things come to us when we're half loopy!  :-)  You've won an owl plaque as well!

Amy and Karina, please email us your mailing addresses!

THANK you to everyone so MUCH for taking the time to stop in and play along with us!  We will be starting ANOTHER giveaway soon!!!!

*Disappointed you didn't win the doorstop?  Go to the store locator and find a retailer near you that carries This Thing Called Family! 


  1. Congrats to Amy. And just when my two dogs were looking forward to an owl doorstop. ;-) (It is SO CUTE!!)

  2. Are you serious?????????

    I'm speechless!! I'm so so happy! Thanks girls!!!!!

    I can't wait to get Hubbard!!!!


  3. Im so excited!!!!
    I thought it was pretty funny.. now the name has stuck in my brain Im going to have to make a holdadora for myself :)