Saturday, November 27, 2010

Open House Giveaway #2!

This is a big one folks!! I'm trying to secretly figure out how I can enter the drawing even though I'm not qualified. I just REALLY would love to own this. And it looks SO good on my green walls, not that I've already hung it up to see what it would look like, or anything!
Shadley Grimes is a painter who lives in Iowa with her family. She has a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art and a certificate in Art Education from the University of Iowa, where she focused on life drawing, painting, and mixed media.
Her artwork is described as abstract, colorful "drawings with paint". She uses acrylic paint and a variety of other media including charcoal, pastels, watercolor, and tempera.
Shadley's themes include heritage, lineage, motherhood, gender, salvation, adoption, poverty, and childhood. She is fascinated by children's art, and draws much of her inspiration from the artwork of her children and the memories of her own childhood.
If you would like to win this awesome piece of art, your chance to enter your name in the drawing will be at the Things With Wings open house!


  1. your giveaways are
    swirly goodness
    & of course they are
    because they come
    from YOU.

  2. Actually, this giveaway is from our awesome friend Shadley who will be joining us at our open house December 4! all our artsy friends were so generous in their giveaways! we can't wait to show you all the rest! there's still at least FIVE more to come! The only way to win one, is to come to our open house and put your name in the drawings!

  3. Shadley is awesome but she probably paints with tempra and not with Japanese fried food ;)

  4. Shadley IS awesome! but you're right, Amy! Ha! Gonna fix it now! :-)

  5. Yes i paint with Tempera and not Tempura but I do love me some Japanese fried food, anyway :)