Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beaverdale Was A Success!

Last weekend we spent Friday night and Saturday in Des Moines at the Beaverdale Holiday Boutique.

I've got lots of pictures to show all of you, but for now I'm going to tell you this one story that sums up how great our time there was.

This boy of about 10 or 11 approached us and explained that he'd been saving his money all fall to buy his family Christmas gifts.  He explained he likes to buy one big thing for the family, and then something smaller for the people individually.  This year he wanted to buy this piece of Green Girl's on the left: "Welcome to our happy, fun, crazy, loud home."  But he was $2 short.


 We're not going to let a measly $2 stand in your way!

Sold, Young Man!  In Green Girl's words, "Let's do this thing!" (With a fist pound to the table.)

I'm not too proud to mention that this guy's heart for his family made me teary eyed and got me gently teased by my fellow Wingers!  What can I say, I'm an old softy.


  1. awesome story...i also vended at beaverdale, wish i would have had time to walk around and see other booths...but i did see alot of your pieces work their way through my room!!! good job!

  2. uh...that made me cry. not gonna lie.

  3. such a cute story. And now I want one of those signs on the left. When you all get some time, can you contact me so I can order? Thanks!!!
    Kristi Pamperin (on facebook as Paper MIniskirt)

  4. Oh my word! I would have cried on the spot- what a sweet boy- his family is going to be so lucky to have that hanging in their house!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Angie! We loved your owls!

    and believe it or not, I'M the old softy of the bunch!

    This family is lucky to have this boy in it! What a sweet heart! Made me wonder if MY 11 yr old would do something that thoughtful....

  6. What a wonderful story! Jill your emphasis is on softie, and not on old, right? We are the same age after all.

  7. precious....i know i would've cried also...what a sweet boy and how great of you all to help him out!:)

  8. What a thoughtful, loving child! Thank you for helping him by making that happen. You made his day, I'm sure. I can imagine how proud he was to present the gift Christmas morning. Awesome! God bless you all!