Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This piece is a 22 X 28 canvas. The felt flowers give it dimension. It makes me happy to look at it. Music makes me happy. Singing makes me happy, although people around me may find it annoying. I really don't care. If I gotta sing, I gotta sing!!! It's a joyful noise.


All righty, remember these numbers here? Ya know, I wonder how they told time with that goose clock - it's half past a goose? I mean really! anyway, the garden tool bag that once looked like a cow is now history, as are the other two.
Here is the larger round clock. The numbers are various sizes. I thought that would be fun.
The square one - more like a rectangle - ok, it's the "cow" one! But not anymore. Now it's.....um.....er......just fun.
The "goose" clock!

Well, that was kind of fun. Now what? hmmm.....what time is it anyway? anybody?

Monday, June 29, 2009

time, time, time

I found these clocks at a thrift store really cheap (and they work!) so today I will begin major facelifts. I'll post this again with the finished pieces for your viewing pleasure. OK, just gotta tell this little tidbit: The clock on the bottom right - well, when I spotted it in the store I totally thought it was a picture of a cow - most everything in this place is "country" - all I knew was it was working and needed lots of HELP! and I was excited and well, it's black and white like a cow, but as most all of the rest of you people out there can tell, it is not a cow. I'll be ok. really. -Mama Winger

Special Order

Here's a special order I did for a friend whose Grandmother is turning 90! The family tree has her grandparents' names at the base of the trunk and all of the offspring in the leaves. Several generations are represented here. So much fun to be a small part of their celebration!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I thought I would post a few photos of things around our house. This is hanging over the head of our bed. It's a verse from Ecclesiastes.
These are our closet doors in our bedroom.
Moving on to my bathroom. The large angel is painted on the front of the corner cupboard door. The angel to the left is one of my art dolls from way back. She is holding a tiny rock angel. Actually everything I am showing you is from way back. It's old, but still here! I really should update some of it, but it becomes so familiar and comfortable that I get lazy about it.
And here is another bathroom wall (from the same room.) I did this clock to sell, but once done, I decided to keep it. I will be doing 3 fun clocks very soon! I'll try to post them. Maybe before and after shots.
This is the skylight in the same bathroom. Got a star and a metal angel floating around up there!
Well, that's all for now. Maybe next time . . . more things with wings in other rooms!

New stuff by Connie

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok, I lied. One more thing with felt on it...

I mean two...
Fine! But three is my limit! Never again! As well as being a lazy crafter, I am also a thrifty crafter, and I HAD to use up my scraps!


Between the Beauty and Chaos is now #1 on iTunes!!!! God is good! Crazy!

Between the Beauty and Chaos

Between the Beauty and Chaos is now available on itunes! You can download it here.
You can also download it from Amazon here. If you want a hard copy of it, they are available at the Austin Stone...if you don't live in Austin, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I believe that vinyl copies will be available in July or August!

Here is a post I did about recording. I feel so honored to have a very very small part on this record. Songs that I sang on: "Found"-BGV's; "Oh Love Divine"-Gang Vocals; "Pieces"-Gang Vocals; "The Name"-BGV's & Gang Vocals; "It is Well"-BGV's.

It's been really sweet seeing how some of these songs ("Let Your Kingdom Come" and "The Name") were birthed. As our church has grown in reaching the lost and broken people of Austin and the world, these songs have been a rock in our worship. God is all over these songs. As the Spirit has moved in people to live out love He has used these songs to give back to Him in worship. People go nuts! It's awesome!!!

God is all over it. Get it now. Sing these songs in your church, in your car, in your home. Let God change your heart, let Him change your life. Worship!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crooked Little Houses.

The other day my neighbor came down the block with a wagon full of wonky wood scraps. She said, "I'm not sure if you're interested in these, but they're yours if you want them..." I peeked in her wagon and said, "OH! They're houses!!" She gets a big smile and said, "See! I knew you would see something the rest of us couldn't!" I am one of those persons that takes that as a full-blown compliment!

Thanks, Jill, for introducing the concept that "felt is our friend". But....I will leave felt behind me and move on. Fabric of any kind just does not like me. Not even felt, which has to be the easiest to deal with. I'm sure part of my problem is that there were no sharp scissors to be found that day. I decided it was just too much work. It's summertime and I'm a lazy crafter, I guess.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lily's Dolls.

Since we got such a good response from Mom's last post on Lily's doll, I thought I'd post on the other dolls she's given my daughter over the last 4 years. Each one is so special, so I just need to brag on her a bit....

This is Lily's first doll and as you can tell is very well-loved! Mom also made a matching blanket. So, so snuggley.
This one is one of my favorites. She has the sweetest little stitched face. Her rainbow hair and pink fingernails and toenails are the cutest things ever.

This one is just awesome. Check out those lips!!! She's got super long sweater legs and a cute little heart she carries around in her pocket.

This one was presented to Lily with a matching tutu for her to wear. HELLO! What little girl wouldn't love that. I was a little disappointed it didn't come with a mommy-sized tutu as well, but, oh well, that's how it goes.

And, as you all know, this is the latest. She will fit right in with this group of girls. They're so much fun when they all get together to play. Thanks Mom/Grandma!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lily's Doll

striped tights and polished toes!
pigtails with bows!

a button and a yoyo on the front!

Hey, how did she get sideways. dang it. Oh, well, I'm leaving it. This is the doll I made my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. I've made her an art doll each year so far. I hope to continue the tradition.

Austin Goodies!

I wanted to post some pics of my Austin purchases. I was able to indulge myself this way thanks to the generosity and giving heart of a very special friend. I was presented with a letter and money when I was on the airplane (delivered by my daughter Laura) but it was signed "a friend" and her identity was not to be revealed until the money was spent. Needless to say, I was sobbing out of control! I'm sure the flight attendant just thought I was being a big baby about flying! Anyway, here is my favorite thing: purple peace sandals. so comfy. so me.
And then my angel mermaid or mermaid angel. I'm sure many of you are saying "what the....." But admit it - she's pretty cute. chubby. gems. gosh! I love her! She fits very nicely in my bathroom.
And no shopping spree is complete with out some art books! These are fabulous!
There was another good cry after the money was spent and my friend's name revealed. So I thank God for providing these gifts through this friend - who I am so thankful for having in my life. She knows my love of art and of my playful spirit and she has taught me so much about being a Godly woman and keeping my crazies under control at the proper times!!!! hmmmm.....

Whoops! I almost forgot - I also bought a life-sized glass hand (to display my rings on at shows.) It's packed up in an art box now, but it stirred up enough interest to cause Home Security to inspect my suitcase! They probably thought I was smuggling body parts or something!!! ha! That was hilarious.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've Got my Eyes on the Prize(s) Tonight.

Many of you already know about the art prizes I won in a giveaway on Scoutie Girl. This weekend I finally got around to framing and hanging some of my new stuff and it looks AWESOME! Here are some pictures to prove it:

Posters in our kitchen which are perfect reminders for our family: letter press printed by hand by Roll and Tumble Press:
they look great with the other big piece in our kitchen that Laura made:
A diptych in our hallway by earth art - i hope the 'breeze' that's been known to run down our hall doesn't knock it down.
And my very favorite - a vinyl wall decal by Shanickers over our bed -

I've got some extra bonus butterflies and birds that I haven't used yet. I don't want to overdo it. I'm thinking of extending the flying birds over onto the other wall, and hanging a picture there as well.

I've still got a few more prints to frame and hang yet - it's been so much fun! thanks to my mom and hubby for helping me!

Go visit the links above if you want to find out more about where all this cool stuff came from.

A Special Gift

My hubby's cousin recently got married and I made this piece for them as a present. You all are probably noticing that it looks like I must know nothing about how to smooth air bubbles down when laying down paper. In my defense, this was a recycled plaque and the waviness was already a part of it. I didn't want to take the time to scrape and sand that old layer, it was REALLY on there good. So I went right over the top. I kind of like how it turned out. It's got character. It looks better in person. Or that's what I keep telling myself.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Etsy Items! UPDATED!

There's two new pieces in my etsy shop this morning. More new things coming soon!

****UPDATE - 3 more new pieces added this afternoon!