Monday, June 29, 2009

time, time, time

I found these clocks at a thrift store really cheap (and they work!) so today I will begin major facelifts. I'll post this again with the finished pieces for your viewing pleasure. OK, just gotta tell this little tidbit: The clock on the bottom right - well, when I spotted it in the store I totally thought it was a picture of a cow - most everything in this place is "country" - all I knew was it was working and needed lots of HELP! and I was excited and well, it's black and white like a cow, but as most all of the rest of you people out there can tell, it is not a cow. I'll be ok. really. -Mama Winger


  1. Have fun with them! I've been on a thrift store kick lately and I better stop before I run out of space to walk! :-)


  2. what a great project....can't wait to see the finished clocks! and....i LOVE the family tree that you made! i'm sure that the recipient did too! :)

  3. Hello my fav wingers! Thank you so much for being the muse on The Muse Behind The Mask. It was so much fun to get to meet all of you! Sadly the time has come to an end. BUT, you have one last tasks as the Muse(s). You must pick one artistic individual to be put up as a nominee for the next Muse. Please send me the link to their blog.

    Thanks for everything,