Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation Time (for some)

Well, my girls have skipped out on me - it's been kind of quiet - Laura (Green Girl), hubby, and kids are out in Colorado seeing and doing about everything there is to see and do there! I heard they dodged a tornado and one kid threw up in the swimming pool. I imagine she will return with some great photos to share. Jill (Paper Prayers), hubby, and kids are down in Austin visiting Emily and also hubby's relatives. They are having one lively episode after another, (as only the Brown's could do!) - from a 3-hr. flight delay to one of the boys losing his glasses in the bottom of a big lake. But they are all still having fun! Just so all of them come home safe and glad they went! Emily will be singing with Aaron Ivey on Sunday, so they will get to hear that. I hope they get some good video for me, I miss her singing so much and her! I am sure they will get back to blogging as soon as they can!

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