Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Connie's Place

Welcome back to Connie's place. Where have you been? & what have you been doing?

Here are some shots of my art room. It is very messy all the time. Organized chaos, you could call it. This is my "thinking" chair. I sit down and look around at all my stuff and try to come up with a new idea or just sit and wonder "hmmm.....what was it I came in here to get?"

Here is a shelf area with my old creative works sign. The angel on the wall says "may peace and goodwill run rampant in the world." It's pretty old. Somewhere I have a sign that says "creative minds are rarely tidy" - guess it's lost in the mess!
Another shelf and worktop. I use to paint real shoes. This one says "follow your bliss". My witch-mermaid is as halloweenish as this lady gets. The white jar is from my grandpa's barber shop. The boy statue my late husband gave me when expecting our first child (who we lost). The furry doll is my handmuff from childhood. The cap sitting on top of the lamp was my late husband's which says "go to your studio and make stuff". Lots of precious stuff here including the tape dispensor - which my girls will agree with!
This was your warning hanging on the door knob before entering the place.
And this old piece is hanging on the door as well. It keeps reminding me of how valuable my time here is. Thanks for visiting my place! Come back again soon.


  1. i just LOVE your studio! lots and lots of wonderful inspiration and happiness going on there! your little "thinking chair" is adorable! :)

  2. Love your studio too. Everything has a place and a story. Too neat! Makes me want to go create something, thanks!

  3. Great pictures! I love it all! The last sign is adorable.