Monday, July 20, 2009

Linn Creek Art Festival

This past Sunday we participated in a new venture - the Linn Creek Art Festival in Marshalltown, Iowa. As we were setting up, this little guy jumped around to greet us:
Here we are all set up:
The group that sponsored the event provided us with a welcome bag that included sunscreen! How thoughtful!

We took advantage of the built in displays: trees.

Since our Mom was home watching our boys, my hubby filled in - we even made him wear her name tag - (for the picture.) What a good sport! We introduced him as "our muscle" and one customer even called him "the eye candy" - yep, I'd have to agree with that!
Here's a rare picture of me:

The atmosphere was wonderful! Highs in the low 70's, a pond with statues and fountains...
...and we won our first ever award! An honorable mention!!!!
We celebrated with funnel cake!
Even though we were disappointed with the crowd turnout and sales were not what we were hoping, we were able to visit with one of the judges who owns a gallery and is possibly interested in showing our work and we had fun. Not sure that we will go back next year - but since it was a new show, we didn't really know what to expect - you never know until you try!


  1. Oh wow... wish I could of been there. I would of definetly bought something. Love all your stuff. Looks like you had a great place and wonderful weather.
    Hope the gallery thing works out for you all.

  2. You failed to mention the bananas on a stick.

  3. WHAT? You mean someone was trying to compete with my fish on a stick, my bird on a stick, my girl on a stick . . . .

  4. "Eye candy"! That is awesome!!!! Ok...seriously there needs to be some sort of explanation of banana on a stick. This is the second time I've heard this mentioned. Please tell me that there is a picture somewhere.

  5. Great pictures! You guys are so cute!! You have inspired me- I need to try and get into some arts/crafts fairs.

  6. Your booth looks wonderful! I hope it was a great time!