Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So, yeah, Mom....when I gave you that great advice this morning on the phone. You know how you were complaining that your body feels so old and when did this happen, etc., etc., etc. I really didn't pull that quote out of thin air. I was working on the above sign and just seemed like a perfect moment. Sorry, just felt I needed to come clean. While we're at it, go ahead and read the one below, too. Maybe it'll help :)

Here are a few more things I'm working on to get ready for this weekend's show. Honestly, it's slow goin's. 2/3 of my children think they need to have a hand in what's going on and have their own ideas for a great picture, etc. I just need to remind myself that everything is going to take 2/3 longer. Tis summertime...


  1. Love them!!!! The growing old one is great!

  2. Glad I am such an inspiration for you!!! ha!!!! This is REALLY good stuff.

  3. I LOVE that Life is So Good sign :)