Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh, Belle, what will we do with you?

My grand plan was to show you what I made for my son's teacher who had a birthday this week. I thought it would be pretty cut and dry but I ran into some interference. Like this....
and lets not forget this...
oh, and this...

Okay, here it is. I was able to not-so-discreetly find out her favorite bible verse and colors and this is what I came up with. She is precious to us and we are SO blessed to have such an amazing BELIEVING teacher in our public school. We are so thankful for her and what she's helped Noah accomplish these last two years. This is not near enough thanks, but just a little token.


  1. that darn Belle. What are we gonna do with her? She's such a camera hog!

  2. That's cool how you used school paper that kids learn to write on as a background. She'll love it. And what can be said about Belle that hasn't already been said. She IS a princess, you know.

  3. Mom- I'm glad you picked up what I was puttin' down with school paper. I just hope she doesn't point out how the words aren't correctly lined up on it...I'm an artist, you know. We don't conform.