Saturday, March 14, 2009


These are old blocks I found while rummaging around and completely gave them a facelift with my all time favorite thing - POLKA DOTS! Right here you've got music, the word JOY and polka dots all together in one piece - what could be better than that??? right? Oh, yes, and the color green. I am proud of this one. The song has lots of "halleluias" in it, which seems appropriate since the kind of joy I am talking about here comes from Jesus Himself. He is the heart of the universe and He is available to ALL of us.
Here is another block. This gal is soaking up nature, all right! Maybe even soaking up a little you -know- what in her hair!!!! yuk!!! And, yup, I'm a little bit crazy!
Here are the two side by side. It's been fun!


  1. I love these blocks!!! Just today I was using sheet music in some of my art- love it!!!

  2. These are so adorable!! The birds in the hair is just great.. I love your style....

  3. Your "crazy" good! I really like the colors you used in your new work. So inspiring.

  4. i love green and polka dots, too!! really cute artwork! :)