Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Special Christmas Gifts

This is the piece Laura made for me and Don for Christmas. It hangs in our living room and it is absolutely wonderful, but it is not for sale.....just wanted to show it off!
Jill made me this altered book. It's very special cause it mentions family names of ancestors. It's so sweet. Again, not for sale, just showing off!!! Sorry my photography stinks, because it doesn't show off each piece's character completely. Both pieces are treasures.


  1. just saying a prayer for you all right now. i pray that the Lord will bless your business(es) and the Jesus-centered joy and hope that shines from it. most of all, i pray that you will create for the pure act of worship that it is and leave the rest up to him.

    keeping my eye on you guys...i really think you have some great things going on!

  2. Your art is amazing! Love the birds and houses.