Friday, January 23, 2009

An Artsy Christmas

Christmas isn't Christmas without handmade gifts from my family. This year was no exception. They are always my favorite gifts - unique, made from their hearts, and speaking straight to mine.
From my mom:Yep, that's me!

She found these big, cool clocks that she painted to match our decor. Laura's is, what else, green.
A very fun charm bracelet, perfect for wearing to art shows, but not too practical the rest of my life! But since when am I ever practical?!
From Laura - a wonderful tree - with one of our family's anthem verses.
My mom makes an ornament for each of the grandkids every year. Here is this year's:
Oh, and everyone received Paper Prayer gifts from me this year too, but I forgot to take pictures of them beforehand. Oh well. Maybe if you ask Laura nicely she'll post some pictures of what she got.

Here's how my dining room looks now that I have the new pieces hung up. Very nice!

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