Saturday, June 28, 2008


Don went up to CR this morning and came home with these goodies. Glory hallelluia , I have hit the jackpot!!! I have dug through here 3 times now and keep finding more treasures for making rings and pins and random beads for my art. This all came from his Aunt Mary who is cleaning out one of her several houses. She had intended to make a "jewelry Christmas tree" but never got around to it. There was even a string of battery- operated lights in there. She must have been serious. You can't begin to see it all in this photo. Yes, that is an old quilt on the right and it's backed with chenille. Hmmmm. . . . dolls? I am so excited. In order to get this good stuff, we had to take some other priceless objects, too, but some of that will go to Goodwill where somebody else is bound to scoop it up and say, "Wow! A . . . . .whatever".
Look at the birdie! It's a little ceramic bird. How did he get in there?

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  1. What bountiful booty you've got thar. Me thinks you should share the wealth! I can just see that bird in an art doll's hair or in her arms.