Saturday, June 28, 2008

God's handiwork

I was listening to the radio and the announcer was talking about having returned from a camping trip to Yosemite and how very beautiful it is and how it reminds you of how big God is and the awesomeness of what He created out there. I've been there. I know. The chances of me getting that far away from home again are slim, so I decided to walk outside our place and look for signs of God's handiwork in our yard. Here are the yucca blossoms going nuts.
Wildflowers and weeds taking over this year. Aren't they great? Why not let them do their thing? God created them, too. Don's back can't take it and right now I'm sneezing so hard from just taking the photos that I about wet my pants!!! So, yeah, we think it looks just great.
Our hostas went bonkers this year! They love our big shade tree.
I put my hand here to show you how large each leaf is. They're wonderful.
That is some of God's nature around us - not huge mountain tops or awesome waterfalls - but still nothing to overlook, that's for sure. Next I'll post art in the yard.

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