Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I understand what a kitchen is and I understand what most utensils, appliances, and other kitchen items are used for. I just don't understand how any of that applies to me. I hate to cook, my kids are out of the nest, and I want in and back out of the kitchen as fast as possible so I can go on to doing more interesting things. Like what you see below. Maybe spoons were really designed to be angels. At least these few were. Look how happy they seem to be knowing they will no longer be put inside someone's mouth or have their head banged on a high chair tray. I doubt that anyone would even have the nerve to play a game of "Spoons" with these gals. Though they might enjoy being held, the wild grabbing part might be a little rough for them!
I am building up a stash for apron parts! I have enough now to get started on some fun aprons. Some of the fun already took place when I found bargain prices on this stuff! These will be funky. . . . . . . to wear for arts and crafts!!!! But if you MUST cook, I guess they would work in the kitchen, too! Will post some finished ones later on.


  1. I love those spoons! they are wonderful! can't wait to see the aprons! I may need one...even though I don't do arts and crafts...or cook...

  2. Hey, what are the shower cap things? Can I put those on my head?? What is that??

  3. Laura, you silly girl, those won't fit on your head!!! They are called "yo-yo's". They are an old craft that is coming back popular again. If you sew a funky button in the center it looks kind of like a flower. Anyway, you knew that, didn't you? You were just pulling my chain, right?!