Friday, January 4, 2008

Polka Dots

Well, I got a wild hair last week...I hear they're really dangerous this time of year. This is the outcome. The kids are in love with their new polka dots. Polka dots just make me... happy. You should try's very therapeutic.

"I feel like I'm full of polka dots on the inside!"
-famous Connie Berends quote


  1. From a painter to an artist, I love the polka dots.

    I have a questions about the famous Connie Berends quote - on the inside, are the polka dots the same color?

  2. Heavens no! Those polka dots on the inside are a variety of colors!
    I feel like I have arrived at a new level, having been quoted by someone. wow.

  3. I figured they were a variety of colors, just wanted to make sure ;)

    You have been on a new level since I met you - and that is a huge compliment, my dear!

    love you!