Monday, January 14, 2008

Creative Works Ornaments

The Creative Works fairy came to visit me this weekend! Well, actually, we finally had our family Christmas this weekend - which means, yes, we still have our tree up : ) ! It is a tradition that our mom makes an ornament for everyone. This year Max received a special "Baby Love" one.

The older boys each got fish:

And I (or should I say "my hubby and I"? No...maybe I'll just say "I"). Anyway, I received a very nice tree girl ornament:

made to look like the big ones that Laura made earlier. What's funny about this is that my mom made the ornament, but it looks just like Laura's style. What does this mean? We can't resist copying each other? We really are becoming more and more like each other as we get older? Hmmm....I don't know!

So now I have an ornament to match the big tree that Laura so kindly gave me. (She didn't want to carry it home from an art show because it was so cumbersome, so she gave my mom and I each one! Can you believe that gal?!) I feel like one lucky gal! You all will think I'm lucky too when you see what Laura made me for Christmas. Hope she posts about it soon, or else you'll just have to wonder for awhile about it. Her talent really blows me away, and you all will be impressed too!


  1. is this the same laura who a few years back said to me, "I'm not an artist, at least I don't think I am..." I knew it!

    jill & connie- if you send me your email addys I can get you invites to my new invitation only blog. just send them with em or i will ask her for them.


  2. yep, this would be the one and only! I've been telling her "this is your year!" She's really coming into herself as an artist and it's neat to see.

    and I'd love to keep up with your fam via your blog, so I'll get that to you soon!