Monday, January 28, 2008

New Birds and Girls

Here are some pieces that I've been working on forever - and now they're finally done!! I started these pieces all at the same time, long before Christmas. I've found that I like to work in "batches." Doing a bunch of designing, cutting, gesso-ing, painting, staining or sealing on several pieces at once. This has the added benefit/drawback of several pieces looking similar to one another. Not sure if this is good, or bad.

I think I'm all 'birded' out for awhile. I'm coming up with something different for this next 'batch.' Not sure what yet! Whatever it is, it's going to go into these frames that I covered with paper today:

Anybody have any clever ideas of what should go in these frames? I'll entertain your suggestions, but I can't make any promises. We artists are moody that way.


  1. By golly, is that bird wearing boots???? I think I love it! I love all this, especially the birdcages...VERY cool. I'm not really understanding the whole "birded out" thing. How is that even possible? Want to know a secret? I'm venturing into the world of mermaids....I'll show you soon.

  2. Hey, remember when I did birds in cages? Remember when I did mermaids? Well, I was thinking about going back there again myself. hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,, This stuff is wonderful, Jill, and I am almost sure Laura's will be, too!

  3. All art is either plaigerism or revelation. Someone famous said that. But thanks for clarifying all that, mom!!!!!

  4. I don't care which way you gals decide to go just post the pictures! It's so fun to look at all your creations!