Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is one of my favorite windows in my home. It's in my kitchen, which is purple, the photo makes it look blue. But it is definitely purple. Not green, not green and purple like some peoples kitchens are. Anyhow, it makes me smile to look at it. It doesn't show up well, but there is an old silver fork tied on each side. I hate to cook, but I like to eat, so why not make it fun?
Today as I was sitting on my "throne" I decided to take a photo of my bathroom window. Does anyone know anyone else who would dare blog about such a thing??? I mean somebody wrote a book titled "Everybody Poops" and they probably got rich on it! Wish I had thought of it first!!! But I didn't, so. . . here are the curtains I designed and I painted the curtain rod purple and fuschia stripes. Behind these curtains is a honeysuckle vine on a trellis covering half the window. God shows me some wonderful sights in His sky looking out this window. And Yes, the walls have swirlies, stars, and polka dots painted on them. It's a fun room to look at while you are doing what we all do!!!
These are my two favorite windows in the place. Anyone else have a favorite window that they feel a need to talk about?

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  1. I can't say I have a favorite window, just the one I can look out at any given moment. I would hate to work in a place where I couldn't look out a window.

    Your windows are especially pretty. It's so neat so see pictures of your "creative works" :)

    Still waiting to hear what Laura settled on for a name & to see what Jill is doing with the book covers!