Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Here we are at the Ankeny show. It was a good day! Next year we're definitely getting a double space. We're just outgrowing a single. We had lots of positive feedback. People seemed excited about our new art journal. So hopefully they're checking it out. We welcome your comments!

Our "bird sanctuary:"


  1. Hi Laura!

    This is Jennifer Essington - I go to Parkview and I know Jill a little bit. I love the blogs you gals do! :)

    Anyway...just like carrie posted...I LOVE this last green picture about home. I don't know if you are in to doing exact duplicates of your art, but is there any way possible I can buy one just like this from you? I also love green so it is perfect for my home! please email me at essingtonjen@mchsi.com if you get a free minute!

  2. gals,

    sorry, the above post is under the wrong entry...I posted it again under the correct spot :)

    -Jen Essington