Sunday, November 11, 2007

Old Books Get a Face Lift

Remember awhile back, when I showed you all the old book covers? Well, they're done! I ripped out the inside pages - but don't worry, I'll use those pages in future projects. Then I cut the covers apart into two equal "canvases:" two for the price of one! I love the texture that you can find on old hard books, plus the worn edges and scuffed spots add even more character. The embossed words and designs were another aspect that added interest to some of these pieces. They are all hung by wire and beads. (click on pictures to get a better look at the texture.)


  1. I'm (almost) speechless!!! These are amazing. I think I can quit now and just be content being awed by my girls. wow

  2. Are those cats?! I'm a little dissappointed Jill!