Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The ABC's and XYZ's

We love our new alphabet collection for "This Thing Called Family" because it's so versatile and personalize-able  - is that a word?

In case you were curious about what each of the individual letters look like, here you go:

There are also a few key words available to help you create just the right message for your home.

We love the idea of creating a focal point - a unique wall in your home that can be a conversation piece that tells a story, welcomes guests, or portrays who you are and what you value most. You can go a step further to personalize the wall by adding photos of the important people in your life with these frames that coordinate:

There are shelves in 2 sizes if you're interested in creating a "mantle" or a more linear grouping:
3ft shelf

2 ft shelf

Here are a few more examples of how you could use these pieces to create something awesome:

If you're interested in learning more about the inspiration behind this collection (involving Green Girl's unique welcome wall in her own home!) go check out this earlier post.  It's our goal with DEMDACO to create products that are meaningful and that help families to connect - so this collection is super dear to our hearts!

If you want to build a message for your home,  head over to Gabby's Gifts online store or  They both have just about everything you need and are great to work with.

If you've already created a special wall in your home using our alphabet program, we'd love to see it!!! We want to feature you in a future blog post!  Send photo(s) and a short description of the meaning behind your message to me, Jill, at

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