Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet Shadley of Dizzy Mama Window Paintings!

Today we'll introduce you to the next artist friend who will be at our Holiday Open House this weekend!  Meet Shadley Grimes of Dizzy Mamma Window Paintings!  She will be bringing her original abstract window paintings which we just love!  (Green Girl and I each have several in our own homes!)  Here's Shadley:
Hi, I'm Shadley Grimes, a.k.a. "Dizzy Mama"!  I started painting and drawing when I was in middle school after I saw the work of the famous French artist Henri Matisse.  After that, I was hooked on abstraction and color.  I studied Studio Art at the University of Iowa before becoming a stay at home mom ten years ago.  Over the years, as my life has changed shape, so have my paintings.  My work today is typically brightly colored shapes (some recognizeable and others are not) that repeat and move on the space.  I utilize old windows as my "canvas" because it gives the work a rustic finish and puts to use something that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  You will see many themes in my work, but most of them revolve around faith, family, nature, heritage, and love.  Thanks for looking!  You can also visit me on my Facebook page at Dizzy Mama Window Paintings!

Here are some pics of Shadley's colorful paintings:

Shadley just created a brand new facebook page for her art, so go check it out and like it!  You'll get to see more pictures, and we know she'd appreciate it!

If you'd like to come to our open house this weekend in Iowa City, email us at paperprayers@hotmail.com and we'll send you an invite with the address!

*You can meet the other two new artists who will be at our open house by visiting our last two blog posts!

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