Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Connie's Turn! (Giveaway #3 Revealed!)

Whoa, that's me!  OK, here is a sampling of items that will be at our Things With Wings Open House this weekend.  (unless they get sold right off the bat!) One might want to consider a plan of attack to get the best picks. However pushing, shoving, & tackling will not be allowed!
just sayin'....
                                Ya gotta have FAITH!  get it, give it, keep it . . .

             I will have several different alphabets in the long skinny format.  So popular and fun!
                                  Full of inspirational words -  26 words!!!

          A colorful reminder to slow down and pay attention to The One in charge.
                                       Hint: It's not you (or me!)

                             Random block signs - just for the fun of it!

             Painted on wood and tin.  Sit 'em somewhere and conversation will take off from there.

Fabric and paper banners/garlands to brighten up your life at home or work or wherever you can get away with hanging 'em! Hang one on somebody's car for a surprise?!  maybe.

       Original one of a kind lazy susans.  There are only 3.  Early bird catches the worm, ya know!

           Felted wool mittens.  They are so cute - they don't have to match your coat, right?  right!

   Little hanging angels of fabric and paper - to hang anywhere - anywhere - think of the possibilities!

I will have a big heap of "raggedy bracelets" along with some "raggedy scarves". Cute as a dickens, huh?

Just look at these long tall gals. . . just waiting to make eye contact with the right person who will absolutely have to take it with them.  Again, only 3 and then they'll be gone.  BAM! Just like that! 

And now, presenting . . . my give-away item is the scarf below.  It's funky, colorful, sassy, and so much fun!  Hey, that pretty much describes my friends!  I love them (and this scarf).

Need the address for this weekend?  Email us at


  1. Oh My.....looks like I could be in to trouble....what a fun way to get into trouble :)

  2. Oh I just wish I could go to ONE of these events! Your work is so precious!