Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sturgis Falls Arts and Craft Fair 2012

Perfect = Boring, by Laura

 Last weekend was the Sturgis Falls Arts And Craft Fair in Cedar Falls.  It was NOT the perfect weather-- it was HOT!  But the day was anything but boring! We had a great spot on the end where we could spread out a bit, there was a bit of shade from a tree and we occasionally got a glimpse of a cross-breeze that people further down didn't get. We enjoyed strawberry smoothies in the hottest part of the day and amused ourselves with ice cubes, cold water bottles from the cooler and a spray bottle fan from Disney World.

Many of our favorite special customers made appearances!  We are considering a frequent flyer club or a punch card or SOME kind of special perks for those repeat customers who are brave enough to come back again and again.  ;-)  At the least, we probably should have misted them with our fan! Did I mention it was HOT-a-la-leela!   

Here are some highlights of our booth:

Mamma Winger (Connie) created several skinny abc's that all sold right away! Plus she had some new dolls for sale.
Ya gotta love those mustachioed fellas!

That's me (Jill) in the mirror - my apologies to the unsuspecting lady in orange whose bust I unwittingly captured.

stuffed owls by Connie


well hello to you too!  (Laura's bird) (Sold)

A crowd favorite that everyone who came into our booth had to read out loud: "No whining (ever.) -sincerely your parents."

"Always take your rainbows with you."  Ask Connie if you'd like to know exactly how one would go about doing this. :-)

Yes, I believe that bird is wearing a purple bustier.

bird by Laura

by Connie on the left, Jill on the right.  Both sold.

Rocks with words and images, by Connie


True Story!!!  We love that the owl on this piece by Laura is made from fabric! (Sold)

Abc's of Life by Connie (Sold!)

Good advice for kids AND adults:  "Go outside and play."  by Laura

signs and angels made from upholstery fabric samples, by Connie

We love us some Jesus!  -by Laura

yup.  -by Laura it me your looking for? (sung in Lionel Richie style)

by Connie
For Reals! (by Laura)


  1. Those stuffed owls are too cute!

  2. Love :) but ya already know that!!

  3. I love the no whining ever sign! That will be on my new wish list :) Love the idea of a frequent buyer card haha.. you do have some crazy fans out there huh?

  4. Can we purchase these from you?? I'm in love!!!

    1. Yes, Deborah, but it depends on if we've already sold it or not! Email me at and tell me which piece you were interested in and I'll direct you to which one of us made it- sometimes we can create another similar one for you!

  5. Love me some Jesus! Doesn't get any better than that!