Monday, June 25, 2012

Gift, Gourmet & Decor

Giftware News' digital magazine, "Gift, Gourmet & Decor" includes an article this month called "Looking For Some Inspiration," (p. 24).  There's a whole section on DEMDACO - which explains Demdaco's mission to connect with artists who have an "authentic voice or a genuinely soulful approach to art" to develop lines that "resonate with consumers on a very personal level."

Ahhh, can we tell you how it makes our hearts sing that Demdaco's mission for authenticity is the same as ours?!  This company is truly unique - and we are so grateful that it is!  Their approach is to connect with us (and other authentic artists who are working from their hearts) and in turn we are (hopefully) able to put work out there that is not only meaningful to us, but that you all can relate to too.  It's kind of this big circle of love! :-) This is the secret behind Demdaco's success and the reason they're #1 in the gift industry!

This article recognizes our line "This Thing Called Family" as one that's resonating with consumers, which is awesome and affirming news!  You all know that our line centers around the theme of family values and our quirky everyday, not-so-perfect family lives.  So maybe our own families are more "normal" than we think they are if ya'll are enjoying TTCF too!  :-)

Anyway, we're thrilled to be mentioned!  You can view the digital magazine here, by flipping to page 24. 

  *The wall art pictured above, "I am...", is a popular piece of wall art that released this year from TTCF.  When I created this piece I was thinking about how often and easily I can forget all of the positive things that make me unique.  And I know that there are bunches of other girls out there - both young and old - who need these reminders too. I can imagine this piece hanging in our bathrooms, right next to our mirrors so that when we're tempted to be critical, we can instead be reassured and lifted up.  :-)

You can find it for sale right here!

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  1. Congrats on the article! I was browsing at my favorite local shop and saw some of your pieces. I was proud to tell my niece that I follow your blog. Keep up the wonderful work!