Monday, June 4, 2012

Iowa Arts Festival, 2012

 The Iowa Arts Festival was this past weekend, in our hometown, Iowa City.   We've been lucky to be a part of this show for at least 12 years in a row now!

New this year, was the addition of Friday night art show hours.  There was a decent turnout:  people were getting off of work, heading out to eat downtown and then to listen to the festival music.  The weather was perfect all weekend - low 70s, with Sunday a bit warmer.

We made a new sign to hang in the front of our booth.  It was kind of fun to watch people read the sign, then look back and forth between Laura and I (the two sisters.)  We were going to try to make them guess which one of us was the mother and which was the daughter.  But we didn't.  :-)

our booth - that's Green Girl, probably texting Mamma Winger who was in Austin.

Laura's vertical welcome signs were a big hit and sold out!

my new fav of Laura's:  "Seriously?"

another popular sell-out: Mamma Winger's skinny ABC's

Many of the pieces pictured have sold, but we'll have a bunch of very similar items available at our next show: Sturgis Falls Arts and Craft Fair in Cedar Falls,  June 24. 

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