Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trippin' down Memory Lane!

Aah, yes! Good old memory lane. Mama Winger here and sometimes my memory lane comes to a dead end! if you know what I mean! But I did think of a couple things I use to make to add to Jill's list. You did REALLY good, by the way, Jill! I also made art using nails pounded into a board and a thin wire wrapped around from nail to nail to form a picture. And I might have done a macrame project or two. No wonder I'm so tired these days! But what I decided to tell you about today is that people use to call me "The Angel Lady" not because I was so holy or beautiful or anything, but because I painted nothing but angels for a number of years. These were done on wood, metal, matboard, paper, you name it, whatever I could get my hands on. I even used one of those old wooden pineapple shaped dishes upside down to make an angel out of it. Sorry no photo . . . just as well - trust me on that one! I have a few angel photos to show you from my past. They won't be great, cause my photo-taking skills are lacking, but you can get the idea anyway. Whoops! I guess the first one is above us. See, this is why I don't post on here very often - I obviously don't know what I'm doing and my other Wingers get frustrated with me. Can you blame them? Anyhow, the fairy one with striped tights is probably at least 16 or 17 years old. Going to add another one now. Yeah, ok, the purple one with the pointy hat is equally as old and she hangs in my purple kitchen! Thanks for hanging in there with me, but I am going to quit here while the quitting's good. My phone will be ringing soon and I can just hear it now, "Mother!........."

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