Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Need Inspiration? Try Laying It All Out There!

 When you're looking inside a fresh new bottle, can or tube of paint, sometimes it's hard to predict what that color will look like once it's dry. The dry color is often quite a bit darker.  Sometimes our custom projects require us to work within a specific color scheme.  Hey, Green Girl - believe it or not, not EVERYBODY is as in love with green as we all are! Gasp!

Green Girl made us this color chart to help us collaborate on a project.

If you use a wide variety of colors in your work or if you are ever in need of inspiration, try making yourself a color chart.  You could make a chart of just your favs.  (Sometimes you can picture the "just right" green, but the name escapes you!)  Or make a chart of new colors you are unsure of + want to get to know better. (You might be surprised to discover a new favorite!)  Try making a chart that experiments with different color combinations.  (It's always a great source of inspiration.)  Or make one for muted colors + one for bolds.  In our opinion, there is no right or wrong way to make a color chart.  You just want it to be useful for you, so organize your colors however you want!

Having some of your paint colors charted and labeled by color name + maybe even by brand too (if you use a variety) may sound anal retentive and we certainly do not refer to it every day, but it's kind of a fun exercise + handy to pull out later for reference once in awhile.   And if your very fondest, favoritest color gets discontinued + you are desperately searching for just the right replacement, you could make a color chart of just all greens....(ahem).....or reds, or whatever. 

"Laying it all out there" gives you a new perspective sometimes. And you might find that the chart itself ends up being its own kind of masterpiece!      

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  1. Your art works are all beaugtiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. so brilliant jill!! smart!! thanks TONS for the painting love the other are truly lovely. i really appreciate you. xox...jenn