Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Easy Peasy

Faith makes things possible....not easy.

11x37 inches

but, but, but "easy" is so much....easier!  Doesn't it just figure that it's usually in the difficult things that we do the most growing.  

My kids say this nonsense phrase, which no one wants to take credit for: "Easy, peasy, arctic cheezy."

I have no idea what it means and neither do they.

Random, right?

How about you?  Got anything random to share?  Go for it!


  1. random is.....my two (inseparable) stepsons at ages 6 and 8 twirling around holding hands chanting "we're all mixed up" over and over again. Now 12 years later, they won't even speak to eachother.....

  2. Funny! When we say the "easy peasy" phrase, we say it like this: "Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezie." Tee hee. We also like to sing to our dog: "She's a puppers wuppers boopers boppers beepers sneepers loopers boopers." What can I say...we are weirdos. Big time.