Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Great Idea....

I just finished this special order for someone and thought I would share what a cute idea it is. She saw some word block signs I had for sale at our Holiday Open House and wanted to duplicate that idea in the above sign. She is going to hang this on her wall and then hang her family photos beneath it. I think I might just steal that idea. I need to go take some family pics, though. I'm terrible! The other day, my mother-in-law reminded me she needs a new family pic as her grandaughter who is 5 is not even in the picture. I politely reminded her that she IS in the picture as I'm 5 months pregnant. I don't think she was buying it. A few years back I had everyone do a painted self portrait and it is still one of my favorite things hanging in our house. That would also look cute hanging under here....oh, wait. This isn't for me, is it.


  1. hey I love this blog so much and Im linking it on vintage revivals today because they are doing a crush blog post! And your my crush! so Thanks for being so inspiring and amazing!