Friday, January 14, 2011

"This Thing Called Family" has gone to market!

Logo on stickers
It's been a long year of waiting and more waiting, but the time is finally here when our new line is being launched out into the world! 

The Atlanta gift market is happening as we speak.  Buyers from shops all over the US are picking out the products that they want to sell in their stores this year.   Hopefully lots of them are choosing ours! We can't wait to hear more about how it's going and get some feedback on what buyers are saying!  But for now, Demdaco was nice enough to send us this picture of what our area looks like:
Demdaco showroom in Atlanta
Next week is the Chicago Market.  We'll be going over that weekend and are planning on spending the day, January 22nd, exploring the Demdaco showroom, taking pictures and browsing around the rest of the market.  This will be our first time experiencing the market atmosphere, so if anybody's got any advice, we're all ears!

To celebrate and spread the love, we will be giving away several pieces from our new line!  So keep your eyes and ears open because some GREAT giveaways are coming your way soon!

Our little blurb on the back of each piece.


  1. My mother in law has owned a gift store in small town,Bowie Tx, for the last 18 years. When we went home this year for christmas,guess what she had in her store? Yup, she is carrying some of your items! The name of the store is Heartland. She has carried Demdaco for many years now and I noticed your guys stuff right off the bat. I told her about your blog.Well just thought I would let ya know! Excitd for you guys on this family adventure!

  2. That's awesome, Donna! We'd LOVE to see! If she sends us a nice picture of our display in her shop, and some info on her store, we'll gladly give her some publicity and blog and/or facebook about it!!!

    Same for any of you other shop owners out there!

  3. From a humble blog reader... I am amazed, impressed and proud. I have gotten to know your work and your family through this blog, and I am so thrilled for you all. Best of luck with this new venture. I am looking forward to seeing "This Thing Called Family" in a store near me.

  4. I just got back from the Atlanta show - I saw your line! The Demdaco booth was one of my favorites! Wait until you see it - you will be so proud to be a part of it! Best wishes for great success!

  5. How exciting! I'm sure you will be blessed with a wonderful 2011!


  6. We just picked up your line at Dallas Market, we are so excited!

  7. i am so happy i just found you on my fb page! what fun art you create. i look forward to learning more about it and you! the owls are adorable.


  8. Saw the article in the P-C. Congratulations, girls! It would be a dream come to true to have something of mine picked up by a national company!