Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Help. The Contents Of My Art Closet Fell On Me And I Can't Get Up.

I'm attempting to clean out my art closet today and I'm just shocked, horrified and disgusted. It's embarassing. It's why its been dubbed 'My art closet of shame'. It has a reputation and people have even asked to see it when they come over. I can't tell you why I'm cleaning it out because it's a secret. But, it's a good secret! You know I wouldn't randomly take on this monumental project for no reason, right??
These are the random things I've come across that have intruded on my art space:
* a Play-doh fun factory
* multiple uncontrollable balls of yarn
* dog biscuits
* 3D glasses
* tissue paper. Lots and lots of tissue paper. So much that it seems to have multiplied at an
alarming rate.
* A wrapped gift. I have no idea who it's for. It's in Christmas paper. But, it's not from this last Christmas......
* a pink harmonica
* a sheet of self adhesive googlie eyes
* several pairs of angel wings
*a bag of rocks
* a ping pong paddle

And I'm only halfway done!!! I've got two more shelves!!! Ok.....back to work. No more procrastinating!


  1. Don't be ashamed, they will all come in useful.......one day! Well that is my story and I am sticking to it as far as my craft cupboard goes!

  2. Now that you're famous you could probably sell that stuff for big bucks.

  3. When you find a bag of marshmallows, call me! : )

  4. Ha! I loved this list!!! You are finding all kinds of "goodies" in there! Maybe you could make a sculpture out of your "found objects."