Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Weekend's Riverssance

We had quite the gloomy weather - cold and rainy - last weekend for Davenport Riverssance.  It actually didn't hardly rain at all during the actual show hours, but it looked like it was going to any minute, and unfortunately that was enough to keep the usually huge crowds away both days.  Even though we didn't do quite as much business as we have in years previous, we always manage to have a good time!  I guess we can't have perfect weather for EVERY show!  And there were quite a few brave souls who came to visit us who we were so happy to see!  Our addition off the back of our tent using one of our side panels was a life saver while we got ready in the mornings in the rain!  We were able to stay dry without having to crowd into the customer space.

Another real life saver?  This unassuming little stool.  Do not underestimate its power.  Because Green Girl's husband was in Ethiopia over this week,  she was not able to come for the whole show.  We're also used to having a tall husband around, but that just wasn't practical to bring 3 boys along and an extra car too.  This left me and Mamma Winger to handle things on our own.  This meant we were in charge of getting two of our sides panels, our makeshift rain canopy in the back, and a small canopy off the front set up each morning.  All this work was above my head (literally, not intellectually, and I AM the shortest Thing With Winger there is) so I decided to bring this guy along:

 Thank you step stool!  You made my life soooo much easier!  I promise to bring you along on some future TWW adventures!

There was this cute gal who came back several times to buy more of Mama Winger's hair pins.  So i had to take a picture of how cute they looked in her hair! 

 We decided that now was as good a time as any to start grooming the future generation of TWW, so Green Girl's youngest joined us on Sunday.   Her and Grandma Winger had fun coloring.  (Take note of how each scallop on her house is a different color?  We're training her well. )     

Notice the Twinkle Toes.  I guess they're THE thing right now.  I wouldn't know.  But I'll take a pair in 8 1/2 please for myself.  Do they make them in big girl sizes? 

 Grandma Winger had fun checking out the kids' art tent with her bestest (and only) grand girl.  They were both in their element and came back with lots of treasures.

Eva the puppy came along too and got pushed in the swing - there was a playground RIGHT behind our booth! - All. Day. Long.

 Saturday afternoon a customer discovered that many of our pieces are created on reclaimed scrap wood.   She told us her and her husband remodel houses, and there's a dumpster outside their current project with similar pieces of wood in it.  We joked around about going to check it out, and then we realized we seriously would!  We're not too proud - we've been known to go dumpster diving a time or two!  The house was not too far away, so we swung by on our way out of town.  Unfortunately, we didn't find anything worthwhile, but you never know unless you look and it makes for a good story!  If anyone local is ever wanting to get rid of scrap wood in good condition, please keep us in mind!  


  1. Brrr feeling chilly just reading this. A lovely blog adventure, thanks for sharing it with us. Hair pins are great!

  2. I LOVE your art creations! I just popped over from seeing your "little birdie" painting on the Brave Girls message tonight. What a cute little birdie!

    Lee Ann

  3. Love it! Just seen your etsy shop, and am in LOVE with your work! Keep diving in the dumpsters, recycled is the best!