Sunday, September 12, 2010


Here are some pictures from our day in Cedar Falls yesterday:
This was our first time at this show and we can't wait to go back next year!
The festival organizers did a great job of taking care of their artists. Providing us with big 10x20 spaces, a sack breakfast, a box lunch, and a trail mix afternoon snack. Our set up was a new challenge as this show has one row of booths down the middle of the street- and you should try to set up so that customers can access you from either side of the street. I think we came up with a unique layout that allowed people to walk around our racks rather than creating solid walls.
The morning was chilly and windy - WIND - always a challenging situation. We witnessed the tent next to us blowing over onto ours, and a bunch of pottery breaking. We are WAY overly cautious with weighting everything down and minimizing our wind resistance because we once had the same thing happen to us, (to this day windy shows send me into a panic) so we survived the wind just fine!

We were swamped with customers all day and the afternoon warmed up nicely!

We enjoyed the atmosphere alot. There was a free jukebox crankin' out classic tunes right behind us, and an instrument petting zoo across from us, hence all of the background noise in our video tour:

By the way, I am NOT a stinker. I'm just......
well, maybe I am a little.
Green Girl was a reluctant participant of the video tour, although she had no trouble laughing at us from off camera. Oh! And pay no attention to the shot of the $900 boob art in the booth next to us, 'kay?

Oh houses, and birds. Will we ever get tired of you? I think not. Not yet.
What's not to love about a box full of Green Girls' birds?

Can you believe that these three goofballs won The Merchants Award? We got this fancy ribbon, our picture taken and a check!
Down the street they had chalkboard painted an entire car! Anyone could add to it.
So of course I did. There may or may not have been a long arrow pointing in our general direction.
Here's a new little birdie design of mom's, made from recycled fabrics. I LOVE their floppy back feathers so much that I...I... I'm speechless.
These bird blocks of Green Girls' were a big hit. They make me happy. They just do.
So does this big house. I want to live in a house with circles on the roof:
So it was a good day! We went home happy and tired and excited to come back next year!


  1. I don't even know where to start with this.
    ok...I will start by saying...I NEEEEEEEEED one of those rings please. Yes that says "Emily" all over it!
    The video tour. wow. I don't know if I can take it seriously with the "I will follow him" song in the background. I was waiting for mom to break out into song at some point and a little disappointed that didn't happen to be honest.
    also LOVED Laura peeking out at one point from behind the rack with her classic face.
    And Jill. The picture of the award. WOW!!! this would be a classic Jill face.
    This post made my night. thanks!!

  2. love love love love love everything...sooo awesome..Congrats on the big fancy ribbon, too!

  3. I wish I could be at your booth!! Everything looks great and I enjoyed the video.