Thursday, May 20, 2010


First of all, WELCOME all you new visitors from Minnesota! We had a great time visiting with all of you! If this is your first time visiting our blog, take note that there's lots of important stuff over in the sidebar: where we'll be this summer and fall, how to contact us, links to our two etsy shops and our facebook page. If you're on facebook, we'd love it if you'd come visit us there and "like" us! ( Feel free to 'share' us with your fb friends!
Here's a glimpse into our weekend in Stillwater, Minnesota at the Rivertown Art Festival. The weather was gorgeous! Here's an overall view of our tent - with Mama Winger looking very pleased to be all set up and ready to go!
Here's one side:Some closer pics:

What's in that box you ask? Well, there's lots of goodness:
We didn't need much sitting space - so we just set up a few shelves:What's on those shelves? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Oh, only some of the cutest stuff you can imagine! Nesting birds:

and magic wands for little and big girls, and paper-wrapped votive candles:And we haven't even gotten to the other side yet!

Here it is:Some closer pics:

What's in that basket you ask? (Boy, you sure do ask a lot of questions!) Well, ok, I'll tell you. It's only the cutest dolls you've ever seen! Made with love and old sweaters. Aren't her lips and pigtails very nice? Her name is Mutz and her and her friends are perfect for the young and the young at heart!

Good times were had by all!


  1. WOW! your tent looks brilliant!
    I love the wands!

  2. Your booth looks well stocked and yummy! Nothing better than good weather for events like these. I am LOVING those bird nesting dolls! Do you have any left?

  3. Wowza! Your tent looks fantastic!

  4. oh. my. GOODNESS!!!!
    if i was there i would zero in on your tent!!!
    what a beautiful set-up. (doing craft shows someday is something i hope to do)
    your items are so lovely and you have a cohesive look to everything. you should be proud!
    and i'm so glad you answered all my questions! LOL
    xo, patty :-)