Friday, May 21, 2010

Retiring Teacher Gift

My two older boys have had the privilege of having the same wonderful kindergarten teacher. This is her last year before she retires after 37 years of teaching! And all at the same school, I believe. Even our school principal had her as his kindergarten teacher! Although we'll be sad to see her go, she definitely deserves to begin this new chapter of life. I had the honor of going in once a week to volunteer in her class, this year with my kindergartner, and when my oldest was there. She is truly one of the most genuine, caring, nurturing teachers I've ever met. Both my boys love her. I made her this piece to say thank you. Even though it turned out a little bit bizarre, I really like the quote!

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other is wings." -Hodding Carter Jr.


  1. Happy retirement to the teacher and how right the quote is. How good to have such positive thoughts about a teacher, sadly most of mine I remember for the wrong reasons.

  2. Very cute artwork. Love original designs like this. Your blog is wonderful too!

  3. You did such a great job with this. I know she will be so excited...I know I would be.

  4. i love things with wings!
    & this piece, both the words
    & the wings (& her lovely
    bodice!) are heartbeautiful!
    a gift to visit here.x