Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crazy Senior Artists!

My 84 yr. old dad is homebound with emphysema, on oxygen 24/7. He use to do lots of woodworking as a hobby, but like many activities in his life, this has been taken away from him. So I have been trying to take small unfinished wood items for him to paint to pass the time and keep him interested in doing what little he can. One day recently I bought him a new pair of tennis shoes, because he was wearing an old pair with no soles left and really shabby. WELL - next time I visited, here were his old shoes. He had painted them! What a funny guy! He gets a good laugh out of them and shows them off to everyone who comes. I am sure this is where my art talent comes from. Sometime I will try to show you some sketches he has done on some napkins. Maybe I should get him a sketchbook.
Sorry, but these are not for sale! (ha)

So THEN - Don's parents visited my parents, saw the painted shoes and next thing we see is that Don's mother painted her tennis shoes, too. The difference being she is on the go and plans to weather spray them and wear them! These senior citizens are so much fun!!!


  1. Such a wonderful story here. Love your dad's creation. Yes, I would agree you got your talents from dad. Both pairs of shoes are quite fashionable now. They may even start a trend in their areas among the other seniors. Ha! What a hoot. Love it.
    Oh yes please get him a sketch book and some colored pencils.

  2. oh my goodness!!! that made me cry! that's awesome! I didn't even know Grandpa had that in him! Those shoes ROCK! LOVE that Don's parents went to visit them. Seriously. that is awesome!