Saturday, August 8, 2009

Don't Try This at Home

All of us here at Things With Wings are big fans of Mod-Podge. I mean HUGE. We use it in ALL of our projects. (and no one's even paying me to say that!) After Laura was brave enough to blog about her harrowing experiences in the Great Mod-Podge Massacre of 2009, (let the healing begin, Laura, let the healing begin.) we were introduced to Amy's blog, Mod-Podge Rocks - a work of genius I tell you. She recently posted this video by Cathie and Steve. And now, because I find it hilarious, I'm passing it along to all of you.


  1. how funny! i went to high school with cathie! small world . . .

  2. Okay, the lawn fertilizer KILLED me!

    And then they did SMOOTHIES!

    Just awesome. That made my week.