Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're Ba-ack!

We're back from a fun-filled, birthday-partyin', shopping-spreein', laughter-inducing, good-eatin' trip to Austin, Texas to see our youngest Things With Wings Gal, Emily. We've got stories, pictures and some amazing video of Ms. Emmy's talent. So stay tuned...

Meanwhile, we did an interview over at Faith Folk Cafe. If you ever wanted to know more about us, here's your chance! Thanks Mystele, for your kind words, and thanks to all the girls at the Cafe for featuring us!


  1. Where did y'all eat in Austin? I grew up in Austin, and there are sooo many good places down there! :) I'm craving a Kerby Lane Cafe pancake right now! lol

  2. Oh, girl, we did a WHOLE lot of eating.....lets see...we had Kerby Lane (amazing queso!), pizza at Mellow Mushroom, Rudy's BBQ, a gospel brunch at Threadgills (amazing!), Hula Hut, El Arroyo, Austin Java, Amy's Ice Cream. We also threw in a 'Hey, Cupcake!' I'm pretty sure we only hit the tip of the iceburg! So, so good! Thankfully, we also did a lot of walking!

  3. Man you ladies are POPULAR! And awesome enough you were voted (by your peers) as the next Muse on The Muse Behind The Mask. Jill I sent you an email will interview info and I know the readers are biting at the bit.. Very exciting.

    Glad you all had a great time, I would expect nothing less.


  4. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you on my blog this morning. I hope you will stop by and visit. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Aloha From Hawaii.. Came by to say hello and good to meet all of you. I read your interview over at Pam's blog. What a talented family. I truly enjoyed my visit and will be back to read and see more of your posts and creations.

    Blessings Lorie