Sunday, May 17, 2009

Everything Etsy!

One of my etsy items is featured on Everything Etsy today! Check it out! Thanks Kim!


  1. wonderful piece...i love the message (so true!)! congrats on being featured over at "everything etsy"! :)

  2. Howdy,
    My name is Steph (Fantastic Figments) and I am the producer of the blog The Muse Behind the Mask. I just wanted to notify you that some one has nominated you to be the next muse! What this means is the visitors of the blog will vote for the next muse via voting poll and on the 22nd of May the next muse will be named. Please stop by the blog and check out what it is all about. If you are the next Muse I will do a short interview with you and post it on the blog. It gives other artists that chance to meet the person who creates the things we love.

    Please stop over


  3. Hello! I just found you via Today's Creative Blog! So glad I did! Your art is wonderful. The quote on this post really speaks to me. I've lived in a place for almost a year now and still struggle to see why God has my family here. It certainly isn't a place I would have chosen. I know God has a plan, but sometimes I struggle to see it. Thank you for sharing these words and the delightful artwork! I'm a new follower.