Saturday, May 16, 2009

Valley Junction Tomorrow!

Here's a sneak peak of some of the new stuff I'll be selling tomorrow. We're praying that the wind dies down here because it's no fun to do a show outside with wind gusts knocking stuff around. We've got to leave the house around 6:30 in the morn, drive two hours, set up from 8:30-11. We'll be in Valley Junction in Des Moines (directions are over on the left) tomorrow from 11-5. Our space is #314 and we're on the northern end, one of the last (or first) ones on the west side of the street. Me and the Hubs (he's my muscle/tent-setter-upper/gopher/problem solver/engineer so he's got lots of important jobs) are going in one vehicle, Laura and my mom in the other. The kids are staying home with their grandparents! Fun times are ahead!!


  1. wOw! Everything looks GREAT! Wishing you much success!
    iN jOy,

  2. OMG....I love all that! I don't think you will have any problem selling any of that!

  3. Oooh- I know you will do well!! I LOVE everything you do!

  4. These look brilliant, love the birds:)

  5. those are super! you have great style!!

  6. Hi ladies, I have featured you today on Today's Creative Blog.
    Please email me for your featured button!

  7. you do custom orders? I love all these but would love to have a sign with that darling bird and my blog name on it!?
    If you do this would you email me!?
    Loving your work!
    All Things Heart and Home

  8. wow..these pieces are great.