Saturday, October 4, 2008


I am in a mood today. It is bold and frisky and, I hope, purposeful. For some time now I have been bothered by artists use of the word "muse" like they really believe they've got one. I'm like, What the heck? I'm really missing out here. Somebody send me one - quick! I have come to the conclusion, well, maybe not a complete conclusion, but maybe a hypothesis (ooooooh, big word for me!) that muses might be for people who don't know God. I am not sure, mind you. I could get alot of flack for saying that. Won't be the first time. This morning I got out my Webster's dictionary and under muse with a capital M it says --- one of the daughters of Zeus, a divinity who presides over the arts and inspires mankind. hmmmmmm OK, not so much into Greek mythology. Then muse with a lower case m says --- the source of an artist's inspiration. hmmmmmmm, well, I don't mess around, I guess. The source of my inspiration has a capital J. Jesus. I'm not ashamed or afraid to say it. No leaning on false idols for me. I'm going right to the top - the source of my creativity, the source of my living and breathing and my everything. I love being inspired by other artists, because I know it is God at work in them - even if they don't realize it themselves. Without Him, we are nothing. Amen. I am done for now. bye. I love all you artists out there in blogland!!!!

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  1. Praise God for these thoughts. It is so true that our creativity (or lack thereof) and everything about us was designed completly by The Creator. I now when I see your work that it is God at work within you.